Features & Benefits of Go Organic Guano

  1. Go Organic Guano is a certified organic product that improves water and nutrient-holding capacities.
  2. The product is very cost effective as 2 litres of Go Organic Guano makes 80 litres of plant food and 25 litres of Go Organic Guano makes 1,000 litres of plant food.
  3. 2 Litres of diluted Go Organic Guano covers 800 m2 and 25 litres of diluted Go Organic Guano covers 1 hectare (10,000 m2).
  4. Go Organic Guano is a foliar spray as well as a source of soil nutrition that you can spray or pour over foliage.
  5. Go Organic Guano will not burn your plant or plant roots.
  6. Resulting produce has a longer shelf life and food is better to consume.
  7. Us Go Organic Guano as a foliar spray on all small grains, cash crops, corn, fruit trees, vegetables, vineyards as well as on flowers, especially roses.
  8. Go Organic Guano allows for a better metabolism or nitrates in plants.
  9. Stronger cell walls leads to flavour enhancement and resistance to mould fungus attack.
  10. Go Organic Guano ensures more upright stems and open leaves enhancing photosynthesis.
  11. Go Organic Guano ensures better fertile and viable seed production.
  12. Go Organic Guano causes and increase in soil micro-fauna.
  13. Go Organic Guano contains lots of vitamins and minerals from the birds diet and a lot of the goodness in the guano comes from the fish bones.
  14. Go Organic Guano can be used before flowering / blooming or bud period of plants / trees (Agrigultural)
  15. Go Organic Guano is an excellent foliar feed for after harvesting crops / produce. (Agricultural)
  16. Cash Crop Farming:  Go Organic Guano toe be applied all year round on 3 week intervals. (Agricultural)


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